"Nesting Doll of Burlesque"
Artist in Residence at Hotel Chantelle 2017

Karina Libido is an ​​​​ Actress and ​ Burlesque Performer based in NYC.
Ms. Libido is a versatile dancer: with background in classical ballet 
she now performs fan dances, classic striptease, neo-burlesque and specialty acts. Born and raised in Ukraine, Karina brings 
cultural appreciation to her routines gracing the stage as
a traditional nestling doll "Matryoshka"
or dancing to the Gypsy motives of the Russian Romance "Dark Eyes" (Ochi Chernye). Being a Jazz Afficionado as well, she especially enjoys dancing to live jazz bands. Karina has been performing  at a range of venues throughout New York City with such talented collectives as Dandy Wellington and His Band, Svetlana & the Delancey Five,
Dan Levinson's Bogeymen, Gioel Severini's Jazz Band, Gordon Au & The Grand Street Stompers, Broadway Brassy & The Brass Knuckles, 
as well as to the tinkling sounds of piano by Chris Johnson.
Karina Libido is a beautiful addition to any event: she truly owns the stage and loves crowd interaction, her Burlesque Acts  are always
full of wit and humor, her costumes are sparkly and elegant.
In addition, you can often see Karina as a Cigarette Girl,  Art Model  
or a Vintage Go-Go Dancer. She makes regular appearances at
The Slipper Room, Nurse Bettie, Hotel Chantelle,   Lumos,  
The Salon, Shanghai Mermaid,  Backroom, Apotheke, Le Scandal, 
Employees Only, Sid Gold's Request Room,  Guadalupe Inn,
Society of Illustrators and many other shows and venues. 
Karina performed as an Artist in Residence at Tina Tassels'  
monthly show"Meat My Friends" in 2016 and currently is
a resident in Grace Gotham's show "Peel Me A Glove"
(4th Tuesday of every month at Sid Gold's Request Room), 
as well as an"Artist in Residence at Hotel Chantelle 2017",
where you can find her every Friday night this year.

Available for travel and private events.  Contact  Karina for bookings.
Click here  to see the full schedule.

"Nesting Doll of Burlesque"

"​​​A​​​​​​​​​ Leggy Bombshell"
Grace Gotham

"​​​​A Tall Sparkling Glass
of Champagne"
Broadway Brassy


"A​​​​​ Girl who Single-handedly Melted the Iron Curtain"
Will Friedwald

"Lust at First Sight"

Video Credit Mirco Pasqualini aka Cinematic Thief of Life

Photo Credit Karina Libido 

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